About Me


I first recall hearing of acupuncture when I was a child and found it fascinating then. As a teenager I sought treatment for a martial arts injury and was amazed at how someone with the correct knowledge could ease pain so dramatically with the right movements. On leaving school in 1995 I gained a place reading anthropology at UCL where I decided to specialise in topics related to health, medicine, psychiatry and how people have used their bodies and minds throughout history and around the world, graduating in 1998.

While I was studying I discovered that many ancient tribal practices were being resurrected in the west in the resurgence of piercing and tattooing. Intrigued by this changing attitude towards the body I worked for a company that sold supplies to this industry: developing and maintaining their website, promoting correct hygiene procedures and the use of sterilization equipment.

During this time my attention turned back to traditional and folk medicine. Seeing the rising profile of acupuncture I returned to study in 2003 so I could gain some practical skills. After four years of study and clinical practice, in 2007, I qualified and after a time working at a clinic in central London I decided to set up my own practice in my home town of Eastcote.

In 2012 I completed a post-graduate diploma in Tui Na: Chinese massage and manipulative therapy and in 2016 I completed my Masters degree in Chinese herbal medicine at the University of Westminster in half the usual time with distinction. With this I aim to provide a complete range of traditional medical techniques.

I maintain a specialist interest in traditional medicine from all perspectives: the philosophical and historical context of Chinese medicine, similar practises in other cultures, scientific evidence and modern theories of how it might work, and how simple low-tech procedures may still serve people today.