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An Zhong San

Calm the Middle Powder

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Source: Formulary of the Pharmacy Service for Benefiting the People of the Taiping Era (1107)
Author: Imperial Medical Bureau

Category: Formulas that Warm Interior Cold

Pattern: Cold from deficiency with Qi and Blood stasis

Key Symptoms: Spasmodic pain that occurs when the stomach is empty
Secondary Symptoms: Thin, poor muscle tone, palpitations in the periumbilical area

Tongue: Moist, white coating
Pulse: Large and frail
Abdomen: Flabby

Gui Zhi 9g
Yan Hu Suo 9g
Duan Mu Li 6g (Calcined)
Xiao Hui Xiang 9g
Sha Ren 9g
Gao Liang Jiang 9g
Gan Cao 18g

In the UK Mu Li must be substituted with Xuan Shen, Bai Shao and Wu Wei Zi.

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Warms and strengthens the middle Jiao, regulates Qi, invigorates Blood

Original formula used Rou Gui instead of Gui Zhi and Pao Jiang instead of Sha Ren.
Fu Ling may be added to strengthen the formula's ability to treat palpitations.

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