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Chai Hu Si Wu Tang

Bupleurum and Four Substance Decoction

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Source: Collection of Writings on the Mechanisms of Illness, Suitability of Qi, and the Safeguarding of Life as Discussed in Basic Questions (1186)

Category: Formulas that Harmonise

Pattern: Blood Deficiency and Stasis from External pathogens that penetrate to Jueyin or chronic consumptive disorders

Key Symptoms: Pain extending from the chest to the back with alternating chills and fever. The symptoms often get worse at night.
Secondary Symptoms: Also for cold contracted during menstruation.

Tongue: Pale with dark purple spots
Pulse: Wiry and thin

Chai Hu 24g
Huang Qin 9g
Zhi Ban Xia 9g
Ren Shen 9g
Zhi Gan Cao 9g
Shu Di Huang 45g
Bai Shao 45g
Dang Gui 45g
Chuan Xiong 45g

Preparation: Originally ground into a powder and taken in 9-12g doses but may also be taken as a decoction with appropriate reduction in dosages.

Actions: Harmonises Jueyin, expels pathogens, supports normal Qi, moves and nourishes Blood

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