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Chu Shi Zhu Yang Jiu

(Mulberry Reinforcing Yang Wine)

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Source: Chinese Medicinal Wines and Elixirs (2008)
Author: Various

Category: Formulas that Tonify Yang

Pattern: Kidney Yang deficiency

Key Symptoms: Impotence, spermatorrhoea, diarrhoea, cold and weak lower back limbs, fatigue

Sang Shen 100g
Lu Rong 10g
Zhi Fu Zi 60g
Chuan Niu Xi 60g
Ba Ji Tian 60g
Shi Hu 30g
Pao Jiang 30g
Rou Gui 30g
Da Zao 60g
Bai Jiu 2.6L

Bai Jiu (white alcohol) traditionally means distilled rice wine but can be substituted with any clear 40% spirit.
Lu Rong is an animal product and must be substituted. Rou Cong Rong and Xu Duan are the typical substitutions although Rou Cong Rong is contraindicated in cases of loose stool. Bu Gu Zhi and Yin Yang Huo might make better substitutions in this instance for treating impotence.
Zhi Fu Zi is illegal in the UK and must be substituted. Yi Zhi Ren and Rou Dou Kou would make a good replacements to warm the Spleen and Kidneys and astringe leakage.
Shi Hu may also need substitution due to availability. Zhi Mu and Tian Men Dong have the most similar actions but also moisten the bowel and are contraindicated in deficiency Cold diarrhoea. Nu Zhen Zi and/or Mo Han Lian with either Mai Men Dong, Sha Shen or Yu Zhu to nourish Kidney and Stomach Yin separately might be more suitable.

Preparation: Grind the herbs into powder and place in a large jar with 2.6L of alcohol for eight days. Open, remove the dregs and store for use. Take 10ml warm on an empty stomach each morning and evening.

Actions: Warms Kidney Yang, strengthens the Sinews and Bones, warms the Spleen and Stomach

Contraindications: Damp-Heat conditions and long term in the young and middle aged use due to the harmful effects on continuous alcohol consumption.

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