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Da Zao Wan

Great Creation Pill

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Source: Essential Formulas to Support Longevity (1534)

Category: Formulas that Tonify Yin

Pattern: Steaming Bone Disorder due to Kidney Yin deficiency leading to hyperactive Yang and Fire attacking the Lungs

Key Symptoms: Steaming bone disorder, cough with sticky sputum that is difficult to expectorate, emaciation, tinnitus, dizziness, tidal fever, dry mouth and parched throat, heat in the five centres, night sweats

Zi He Che 0.9g
Su Gui Ban 60g (crispy)
Huang Bai 45g
Du Zhong 45g
Niu Xi 36g
Mai Men Dong 36g
Tian Men Dong 36g
Sheng Di Huang 150g
Ren Shen 30g

In the UK Zi He Che must be substituted. It is often replaced with other Yin and Jing tonifying herbs such as He Shou Wu, Huang Jing, Tu Si Zi and Sang Ji Sheng.
Gui Ban must also be substituted in the UK. It is usually replaced with Mo Han Lian and Nu Zhen Zi or Xuan Shen.

Preparation: Ground into powder and formed into pills with honey. Normal dosage is 9-12g once each morning.
The source text advises that Sheng Di Huang be boiled briefly with Sha Ren and Fu Ling to help the body assimilate the herbs but is often not followed today.

Actions: Tonifies the Kidneys, enriches the Yin, drains Heat, anchors the Yang

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