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Dan Shen Yin

Salvia Drink

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Source: Compendium of Songs on Modern Formulas (1801)

Category: Formulas that Regulate Blood

Pattern: Blood stasis and Qi stagnation in middle Jiao

Key Symptoms: Abdominal or epigastric pain that may radiate upward
Secondary Symptoms: Dysmenorrhoea, flank pain, signs and symptoms of Blood stasis

Tongue: Purplish body, stasis spots, visible sublingual capillaries and/or veins
Pulse: Wiry, rough
Abdomen: Tenderness in epigastrium, especially with deep pressure

Dan Shen 30g
Tan Xiang 3g
Sha Ren 3g

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Invigorates Blood, dispels Blood stasis, promotes the movement of Qi, alleviates pain

Contraindications: Deficency patterns

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