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Di Gu Pi Yin

(Lycium Root Bark Drink)

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Source: Shen's Book for Revering Life (1773)

Category: Formulas that Clear Heat

Pattern: Steaming Bone Disorder in children, or later stages of Cold Damage when fever has not completely resolved.

Key Symptoms: Irritability in the diaphram and palpitations in children, or unresolved fever in later stages of Cold Damage

Di Gu Pi 60g
Chai Hu 60g
Zhi Mu 7.5g
Zhi Gan Cao 7.5g
Bie Jia 7.5g
Huang Qin 7.5g
Ren Shen 7.5g
Chi Fu Ling 15g

In the UK Bie Jia must be substituted with Sheng Di Huang and Qing Hao.

Preparation: Ground into powder and taken as a 6g draft with one piece of Sheng Jiang and one Wu Mei.

Actions: Clears Heat, nourishes the Yin

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