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Di Huang Yin Zi

(Rehmannia Drink)

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Source: A Simple Book of Formulas (1191)
Author: Wang Shuo

Category: Formulas that Tonify Qi and Blood

Pattern: Wasting and thirsting (Xiao Ke) due to Stomach Heat damaging Qi, Blood and Jing

Key Symptoms: Thirst, irritability and restlessness, dry throat, flushed face, fatigue, spontaneous sweating

Ren Shen
Zhi Huang Qi
Sheng Di Huang
Shu Di Huang
Tian Men Dong
Mai Men Dong
Pi Pa Ye
Shi Hu
Ze Xie
Zhi Ke
Zhi Gan Cao

Preparation: Equal amounts of each substance are ground into a powder and 9g are decocted as a draft.

Actions: Generates Jing, tonifies Blood, nourishes the Yin and moistens dryness

Contraindications: Wasting and Thirsting disorders due to excess Heat or Yang deficiency

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