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Dun Sou San

Long-Bout Cough Powder

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Source: Time Tested Formula (unknown date)
Author: Unknown

Category: Formulas that Clear Heat

Pattern: Cough caused by Heat in the Lungs

Key Symptoms: Persistent or violent cough, with or without sputum
Secondary Symptoms: Stifling sensation in the chest, irritability, fever

Chai Hu 15g
Huang Qin 9g
Sang Bai Pi 9g
Jie Geng 9g
Zhi Zi 7.5g
Shi Gao 15g
Gan Cao 3g

In the UK Shi Gao must be substituted. Zhi Mu and Lu Gen would make suitable substitutions if heat was causing dryness. Otherwise Pi Pa Ye would reinforce the actions of clearing Heat alone.

Preparation: Taken on an empty stomach with warm water.

Actions: Stops cough, clears Heat and resolves Phlegm

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