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Herb Formulas Notebook

Fang Feng Tong Sheng San

Saposhnikovia Powder that Sagely Unblocks

Source: Formulas from the Discussion Illuminating the Yellow Emperor's Basic Questions (1172)
Author: Liu Wan-Su

Category: Formulas that Release Exterior-Interior Excess

Pattern: Heat excess in both Interior and Exterior (concurrent Taiyang, Shaoyang and Yangming disorder)

Key Symptoms: Strong fever and chills, light-headedness, dizziness, red and sore eyes, difficulty in swallowing, nasal congestion with a thick and sticky nasal discharge and saliva, bitter taste in the mouth, dry mouth, focal distention in the chest and diaphragm, constipation, dark rough urination
Secondary Symptoms: Carbuncles, facial sores, skin rashes, heat rashes, manic behaviour and intestinal wind, obesity and metabolic disorders with Exterior-Interior Heat.

Tongue: Yellow greasy coating
Pulse: Flooding and rapid, or wiry and slippery

Fang Feng 15g
Ma Huang 15g
Da Huang 15g
Mang Xiao 15g
Jing Jie 15g
Bo He 15g
Zhi Zi 15g
Hua Shi 90g
Shi Gao 30g
Lian Qiao 15g
Huang Qin 30g
Jie Geng 30g
Dang Gui 15g
Bai Shao 15g
Bai Zhu 15g
Gan Cao 60g

In the UK several substitutions must be made:
Mang Xiao == Zhi Shi + Yu Li Ren
Hua Shi == Chi Fu Ling + Ze Xie
Shi Gao == Zhi Mu

Preparation: Ground into powder and taken in 6-9g doses as a draft with 3 pieces of Sheng Jiang. May also be prepared as a docoction with mofified dosage.

Actions: Disperses Wind, releases the Exterior, drains Heat, unblocks the bowels.

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