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Fu Fang Da Cheng Qi Tang

Revised Major Order the Qi Decoction

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Source: Integrated Chinese and Western Medical Treatment of the Acute Abdomen (1973)

Category: Formulas that Drain Downward

Pattern: Uncomplicated obstruction of the intestines with Yangming symptoms and relatively severe Qi stagnation. Also to prevent adhesions after surgery.

Key Symptoms: Constipation, abdominal pain, the "four bigs" of Yangming: fever, thirst, sweating and pulse.

Pulse: Large

Hou Po 15g
Lai Fu Zi 20g (dry fried)
Zhi Shi 9g
Tao Ren 9g
Chi Shao 15g
Da Huang 9g (added near end)
Mang Xiao 9-15g (dissolved into strained decoction)

In the UK Mang Xiao must be substituted for Yu Li Ren.

Preparation: First dose is usually administered by nasogastric tube and the second by enema 1-2 hours later.

Actions: Purges the interior, promotes the movement of Qi, invigorates the Blood

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