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Gu Zhen Tang

Stabilise the True Decoction

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Source: Indispensable Tools for Pattern Treatment (1602)
Author: Wang Ken-Tang

Category: Formulas that Tonify Qi

Pattern: Chronic Spleen Wind from exhaustion of True or Yang Qi

Key Symptoms: Lethargic and blunted affect or frank somnambulance, pasty-white complexion, profuse sweating, rhythmic spasms of the hands and feet, liquid diarrhoea

Tongue: Pale with thin white coat
Pulse: Submerged and faint

Ren Shen 7.5g
Zhi Fu Zi 7.5g
Fu Ling 7.5g
Bai Zhu 7.5g
Shan Yao 6g
Huang Qi 6g (honey fried)
Rou Gui 6g
Gan Cao 6g
Sheng Jiang 3sl
Da Zao 1pc

In the UK Fu Zi must be substituted. The standard substitutions are Rou Gui and Gan Jiang but seeing as this formula has Rou Gui at quite dosage already it would perhaps be better to use Gan Jiang and another herb that warms the middle such as Yi Zhi Ren or Rou Dou Kou.

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Warms and tonifies the Spleen and Kidneys, restores the Yang, dispels Cold

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