Herb Formulas Notebook

Hei Gui (Hak Kwai)

Black Ghost Oil

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Source: Product Information Leaflet
Author: Koong Yik Medical Factory

Category: Formulas that are Applied Externally

Pattern: Wind-Damp-Phlegm obstruction, acute or chronic Blood Stasis

Key Symptoms: Deep bone bruises, pains of muscles and joints, and backache, arthritis and strains, especially if they feel bruised but there is no visible signs.

Song Jie You 50% (Turpentine Oil)
Dong Qing You (Wintergreen Oil)
She Xiang Cao You (Thyme & Thymol Oil)
Xiang Mao You (Citronella Oil)

Preparation: Commercial blend.

Actions: Expels wind-dampness from muscles, moves Qi, disperses phlegm, opens the orifices, relieves pain, creates warmth

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