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Huang Lian Jie Du Tang

(Coptis Decoction to Resolve Toxicity)

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Source: Arcane Essentials from the Imperial Library (752)
Author: Wang Tao

Category: Formulas that Clear Heat

Pattern: Severe obstruction of all three Jiao by Heat Toxin disturbing the Shen.

Key Symptoms: High fever, irritability, dry mouth and throat, incoherent speech, insomnia, dark urine

Tongue: Red with yellow coating
Pulse: Rapid and forceful

Huang Lian 9g
Huang Qin 6g
Huang Bai 6g
Zhi Zi 6-12g

At present the dosage of Huang Lian is often reduced to 3-4.5g.

Preparation: Decoction. Some Japanese sources recommend to let the liquid cool in order to enhance its cooling effects.

Actions: Drains fire and resolves Toxicity.

Contraindications: It can easily injure the Yin and so should only be used in robust patients and not for long term or for patients with Heat in the Ying and Xue levels.

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