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Huang Tu Tang

Yellow Earth Decoction

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Source: Essentials from the Golden Cabinet (c. 220)
Author: Zhang Ji / Zhong-Jing

Category: Formulas that Regulate Blood

Pattern: Spleen Yang deficiency failing to control Blood

Key Symptoms: Blood in the stool, vomiting or spitting up blood, nosebleeds or abnormal uterine bleeding of dark or pale blood accompanied by cold extremities

Tongue: Pale with white coating
Pulse: Submerged, thin and forceless

Zao Xin Tu 18g
Sheng Di Huang 9g
E Jiao 9g
Bai Zhu 9g
Zhi Fu Zi 9g
Gan Cao 9g
Bao Fu Zi 9g
Huang Qin 9g

In the UK several ingredients must be substituted.
Zao Xin Tu is often replaced with Chi Shi Zhi at 3-4x the dosage. In the UK both must be substituted with He Zi + Jin Guan Hua.
E jiao == Gou Qi Zi + Mo Han Lian or Nu Zhen Zi
Fu Zi == Rou Gui + Gan Jiang + Xian Mao
In addition Ai Ye would be a good substitute for stopping bleeding and warming the Middle Jiao and channels

Preparation: Decoction

Actions: Warms the Yang, strengthens the Spleen, nourishes the Blood, stops Bleeding

Contraindications: Bleeding due to excess Heat and in the presence of external pathogens.

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