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Hui Chun Dan

Special Pill to Restore Life

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Source: Medicinal Teachings from the Respectfully Decorated Hall (late 18th Century)

Category: Formulas that Open the Sensory Orifices

Pattern: Childhood convulsions (Xiao Er Ji Jing) due to Phlegm-Heat entering the Pericardium and veiling the orifices of the Heart

Key Symptoms: Fever, impaired consciousness, childhood convulsions, irritability and restlessness
Secondary Symptoms: Wheezing, nausea, night crying, vomiting milk, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, excessive secretion of mucus and saliva, sounds of mucus in the throat

Niu Huang 12g
Tian Zhu Huang 37.5g
Chuan Bei Mu 37.5g
Dan Nan Xing 60g
She Xiang 12g
Gou Teng 24g
Qian Xie 37.5g
Tian Ma 37.5g
Bai Jiang Can 37.5g
Zhu Sha 0.3-1.8g
Da Huang 60g
Chen Pi 37.5g
Zhi Ban Xia 37.5g
Bai Dou Kou 37.5g
Tan Xiang 37.5g
Mu Xiang 37.5g
Zhi Ke 37.5g
Chen Xiang 37.5g
Gan Cao 26.25g

Many of the ingredients in this formula need to be substituted in the UK for legal, toxicity or availability. Some suggestions are:
Niu Huang == Huang Lian + Gou Teng + Tian Zhu Huang
Dan Nan Xing == Tian Nan Xing + Zhu Ru
She Xiang == Shi Chang Pu + Ru Xiang
Qian Xie == Gou Teng + Tian Zhu Huang
Bai Jiang Can == Tian Ma + Tian Zhu Huang
Zhu Sha == Hu Po
Chen Xiang == Hou Po + Bu Gu Zhi

Preparation: Ground into powder and formed into very small pills weighing 0.09g. Dosage is one pill taken 2-3x daily for children under 1 year of age, two pills for those aged 1-2 years of age, with a larger dose for adults taken with warm water.

Actions: Opens the sensory orifices, arrests spasms and convulsions, clear Heat and transforms Phlegm

Contraindications: Long term use. It is designed for acute patterns of excess and should not be used for chronic convulsions due to waning of Spleen and Kidney Yang.

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