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Jia Wei Si Wu Tang

Augmented Four Substance Decoction

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Source: Fang's Orthodox Lineage of Pulse and Symptoms (1749)

Category: Formulas that Tonify Blood

Pattern: Blood Deficiency and Dampness

Key Symptoms: Any type of atrophy disorder with weakness of the limbs and difficulty moving

Tongue: Probably pale with greasy coating

Dang Gui 3g
Mai Men Dong 3g
Huang Bai 3g
Cang Zhu 3g
Shu Di Huang 9g
Bai Shao 2.1g
Chuan Xiong 2.1g
Du Zhong 2.1g
Wu Wei Zi 1.5g
Ren Shen 1.5g
Huang Lian 1.5g
Zhi Mu 0.9g
Niu Xi 0.9g

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Tonifies the Blood, dries Dampness

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