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Jie Geng Tang

Platycodon Decoction

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Source: Discussion of Cold Damage (c. 220)
Author: Zhang Ji / Zhong-Jing

Category: Formulas that Dispel Phlegm

Pattern: Cough due to Phlegm stagnation in the chest with rising deficiency Fire

Key Symptoms: Cough, swelling and pain of the throat, thick sticky sputum with mucus and blood
Secondary Symptoms: Chills and aversion to cold, congestion and distention in the chest, dry mouth without thirst, thick sticky sputum with a foul odour

Jie Geng
Gan Cao

Preparation: Source text states to cook in 3 cups of water until 1 cup remains, strain and take while warm.

Actions: Dispels Phlegm, clears deficiency Fire and resolves toxicity

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