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Jing Fang Bai Du San

Schizonepeta and Saposhnikovia Powder to Overcome Pathogenic Influences

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Source: Multitude of Marvelous Formulas for Sustaining Life (1550)

Category: Formulas that Release the Exterior

Pattern: Externally contracted Wind-Cold-Dampness

Key Symptoms: Fever and chills without sweating, pain and stiffness of the head and neck, generalised body aches and pains
Secondary Symptoms: Also for early stage abscesses and sores that are red, swollen and painful accompanied by fever, chills, absence of sweating, thirst

Tongue: Thin white coating
Pulse: Floating, maybe rapid in cases of sores and abscesses

Jing Jie 4.5g
Fang Feng 4.5g
Chai Hu 4.5g
Qian Hu 4.5g
Chuan Xiong 4.5g
Qiang Huo 4.5g
Du Huo 4.5g
Fu Ling 4.5g
Jie Geng 4.5g
Zhi Ke 4.5g
Gan Cao 1.5g
Sheng Jiang 3sl

Preparation: Ground into powder and taken as a draft with 1.5-3g of Bo He.

Actions: Induces sweating, releases the Exterior, dispels Wind, alleviates pain

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