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Jing Wan Hong (Ching Wan Hung)

Many Myriad Benefits

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Source: Ingredients listed on pot
Author: Great Wall Brand

Category: Formulas that are Applied Externally

Pattern: Toxic Heat due to burns, scalds, poison or chemical exposure, and hot skin conditions with tissue damage

Key Symptoms: Scalds or burns from any origin.
Secondary Symptoms: Skin conditions characterised by heat and tissue damage, dermatitis from poison oak or ivy, haemorrhoids, eczema, bed sores, ulcerative rashes.

Di Yu
Dang Gui
Huang Lian
Mu Bie Zi
Xue Yu Tan
Ban Bian Lian
Huang Bai
Zi Cao
Jin Yin Hua
Hong Hua
Huang Qin
Chuan Xiong
Wu Mei
Ru Xiang
Mo Yao
Feng La
Ma You

This formula is essentially a long list of herbs that detoxify and clear Heat and seems to have Zi Dang Gao and San Huang San as its core. If some things are unavailable then using those five herbs as a base and add as many of the rest as you have will still make a good ointment.

Preparation: No instructions or proportions are given and probably part of the brand's trade secret. The same proportion of oil/wax ratios as in Zi Dang Gao seem appropriate: 350g of oil and 50-100g of beeswax to every 60g of herbs, soak for up to a week and then gently heat, strain and add the wax. Sensible proportions of herbs should be calculated by the practitioner.
To use apply gently to the cleaned area, or spread onto a gauze pad and secure over the area and change once per day.

Actions: Clears Heat, resolves Toxicity, alleviates pain.

The name literally translates as 京 "Capital City" (also an obsolete term for 10s of millions and other huge numbers), 万 "10,000" or "a myriad" and 紅 "Red" but also "popular" or "bonus/dividend". Hence I have translated it as "Many Myriad Benefits" which seems to make more sense than other interpretations.

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