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Jiu Xian San

Nine Immortal Powder

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Source: Precious Mirror of Health (Yuan Dynasty)
Author: Luo Tian-Yi

Category: Formulas that Stabilise and Bind

Pattern: Lung Qi and Yin deficiency due to chronic cough

Key Symptoms: Chronic unremitting cough with wheezing, a shiny-white complexion, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating

Pulse: Deficient and rapid

Ren Shen 30g
Ying Su Ke 240g (honey fried)
Wu Mei 30g
Wu Wei Zi 30g
E Jiao 30g
Kuan Dong Hua 30g
Bei Mu 15g
Jie Geng 30g
Sang Bai Pi 30g

In the UK the following substitutions are necessary:
Ying Su Ke == He Zi + Bai Guo
E Jiao == Han Lian Cao + Gou Qi Zi
Kuan Dong Hua == Sha Shen

Preparation: Originally ground into powder and taken as a draft with 2 pieces of Sheng Jiang and 1 piece of Da Zao. May also be prepared as a decoction with appropriate reduction in dosage.

Actions: Secure the Lungs, stops coughing, augments the Qi, nourishes the Yin.

Contraindications: In the presence of Phlegm or concurrent external condition.

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