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Kong Xian Dan

Control Mucus Special Pill

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Source: Discussion of Illnesses, Patterns and Formulas Related to the Unification of the Three Aetiologies (1174)

Category: Formulas that Drain Downward

Pattern: Phlegm lurking above and below the diaphragm

Key Symptoms: Sudden excruciating pain in the throax, neck and lower back that evolves into a burning, piercing pain
Secondary Symptoms: Cold and painful extremities, unrelenting severe headache, lethargy and fatigue with a desire to sleep, loss of appetite and thirst, coughing up of thick sticky sputum, rattling sound in the throat at night or excessive salivation.

Tongue: Sticky and greasy coating
Pulse: Wiry and slippery

Gan Sui
Hong Da Ji
Bai Jie Zi

In the UK Gan Sui must be substituted and Hong Da Ji may also need to be replaced. Few other things have their harsh expelling action but Qian Niu Zi and/or Ting Li Zi, some elements of Wu Ling San or Da Cheng Qi Tang might be able to suffice for a less acute presentation depending on whether purging through the bowel or urine is desirable. Urgent cases may require referral to hospital.

Preparation: Ground into powder and formed into small pills to be taken in 1-3g doses at bedtime with warm water.

Actions: Dispels Phlegm and expels thin mucus

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