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Herb Formulas Notebook

Kong Zi Zhen Zhong Dan

(Special Pill from Confucius' Pillow)

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Source: Important Formulas Worth a Thousand Gold Pieces (650)
Author: Sun Si-Miao

Category: Formulas that Calm the Spirit

Pattern: Lack of interaction between the Heart and Kidneys with Yin deficiency and Phlegm-Fire harassing the Interior

Key Symptoms: Forgetfulness and insomnia

Gui Ban
Shi Chang Pu
Yuan Zhi
Long Gu

In the UK some of the ingredients have to be substituted:
Gui Ban == Nu Zheng Zi + Han Lian Cao
Long Gu == Bai Shao + Wu Wei Zi
If calcium deficiency is suspected to be the rationale for using Long Gu then supplementation may be a suggestion.

Preparation: Equal amounts ground into powder and taken in 3g doses twice a day after meals with hot water or yellow rice or millet wine. Can also be formed into pills with honey but dosage must be increased to 6g twice daily.

Actions: Opens the Heart, augments the intelligence, calms the Shen

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