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Liu Shen Wan

Six Divine Pill

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Source: Lei Yin-Shang's Song-Fen Pharmacy (Founded 1734)

Category: Formulas that Treat Abscesses and Sores

Pattern: "Milk Moth" (Ru E): Phlegm and severe Fire rising to the throat

Key Symptoms: Pustular lesions of the throat accompanied by swelling and pain making swallowing difficult.

Niu Huang 4.5g
Zhen Zhu 4.5g
Chan Su 3g
Xiong Huang 3g
Bing Pian 3g
She Xiang 4.5g

All the ingredients in this formula need are prohibited from use in the UK making this formula redundant but included due to its prominent place in contemporary China. A different formula should be chosen to base a prescription on in the UK.

Preparation: Ground into a fine powder and mixed with wine to form into millet sized pills. One dose is 5-10 pills.

Actions: Resolves Fire Toxin, reduces swelling, alleviates pain

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