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Herb Formulas Notebook

Mu Li San

Oyster Shell Powder

Source: Formulary of the Pharmacy Service for Benefiting the People of the Taiping Era (1107)
Author: Imperial Medical Bureau

Category: Formulas that Stabilise and Bind

Pattern: Deficiency of Heart and Qi and Yin causing disharmony of the Ying and Wei

Key Symptoms: Spontaneous sweating that worsens at night, palpitations, easily startled, shortness of breath, irritability, general debility, lethargy.

Tongue: Pale red
Pulse: Thin and frail

Duan Mu Li 15-30g
Huang Qi 9-15g
Ma Huang Gen 3-9g
Fu Xiao Mai 15-30g

In the UK Mu Li must be substituted for Xuan Shen, Bai Shao and Wu Wei Zi.
Ma Huang must also be limited to a maximum of 1.8g per day.

Preparation: Originally ground into powder using equal quantities of each ingredient and taken in 9g drafts. May also be prepared as a decoction.

Actions: Inhibits sweating and stabilises the Exterior

Contraindications: Profuse oily sweat associated with exhaustion of Yin and Yang

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