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Nan Xue Tang

(Quiet the Blood Decoction)

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Source: Traditional Chinese Opthalmology (c. 1970)

Category: Formulas that Regulate Blood

Pattern: Trauma or inflammation of the eye with Yin deficiency

Key Symptoms: Haemorrhoage of the anterior chamber of the eye due to trauma or chorioretinitis
Secondary Symptoms: Red lips and cheeks, bitter taste, dry throat, dizziness, tinnitus, lumbar soreness, spontaneous emissions, sensation of heat in the palms and soles

Tongue: Deep red with scanty coating
Pulse: Wiry, thin and rapid

Xian He Cao 15g
Mo Han Lian 15g
Sheng Di Huang 15g
Zhi Zi 6g (charred)
Bai Shao 15g
Bai Ji 9g
Bai Lian 6g
Ce Bai Ye 15g
Bai Mao Gen 15g
E Jiao 15g (dissolve into strained decoction)

In the UK E Jiao must be replaced with Han Lian Cao (already in the formula) and Gou Qi Zi.

Preparation: Decoction

Actions: Cools the Blood, stops Bleeding, nourishes Yin

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