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Nei Liu Huang Lian Tang

Internal Flow [Promoting] Decoction with Coptis

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Source: Collection of Writings on the Mechanism of Disease, Suitability of Qi, and the Safeguarding of Life as Discussed in Basic Questions (1186)

Category: Formulas that Treat Abscesses and Sores

Pattern: Internal clumping of Heat transforming into Toxins that discharge through the skin

Key Symptoms: Hard sores and carbuncles with a deep and large root and base but no change in colour
Secondary Symptoms: Nausea, belching, irritability, constipation

Pulse: Deep and excessive

Huang Lian 9g
Chi Shao 9g
Dang Gui 9g
Bing Lang 6g
Mu Xiang 6g
Huang Qin 9g
Bo He 3g
Zhi Zi 9g
Jie Geng 6g
Gan Cao 6g
Lian Qiao 18g
Da Huang 6-9g

In the UK Bing Lang must be substituted with Zhi Shi and Yu Li Ren.

Preparation: Originally 30g of each ingredient except Lian Qiao (60g) and Da Huang are ground into powder and decocted in 30g doses in 1.5 cups of water until 1 remains. 3g of Da Huang is then added, and then 6g. At present it is usually prepared as a decoction with the dosages given. It should produce loose stools.

Actions: Clears Heat, resolves Toxicity, reduces swelling, dissipates knotting

Contraindications: Spleen Qi deficiency with loose stools

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