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Chai Hu Zhi Jie Tang

(Bupleurum, Bitter Orange and Platycodon Decoction)

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Source: Comprehensive Medicine According to Master Zhang (1695)

Category: Formulas that Harmonise

Pattern: Shaoyang disorder with Liver Qi constraint

Key Symptoms: Lateral forehead pain, diminished hearing, vertigo, chest and hypochondriac pain, alternating chills and fevers

Tongue: White coating
Pulse: Wiry, slippery on the right, floating and large on the left
Abdomen: Tight and painful hypochondrium

Chai Hu 3-4.5g
Zhi Ke 4.5g
Jiang Ban Xia 4.5g
Jie Geng 3g
Huang Qin 4.5g
Chen Pi 3-4.5g
Gu Yu Cha (tea picked before early May) 3g
Sheng jiang 2sl

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Harmonises and releases Shaoyang, smooths the flow of Qi in the chest and diaphragm

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