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Qing Ge San

Indigo and Clam Powder

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Source: Great Compendium of External Medicine (1665)

Category: Formulas that are Applied Externally

Pattern: Weeping Damp-Heat sores

Key Symptoms: Weeping sores with erosion, heat, swelling and itching.

Ge Qiao 30g (calcined and powdered)
Shi Gao 30g (calcined)
Qing Fen 15g
Huang Bai 15g
Qing Dai 9g

Qing Fen is no longer used due to toxicity.

Preparation: Ground into a fine powder and mixed with sesame and cool water to achieve the desired consistency.

Actions: Clears Heat, gathers in Dampness, dispels putrefaction, helps close sores.

This is essentially the same as Qing Dai San but with Hua Shi changed for Ge Qiao that has greater astringent properties.

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