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Qing Shi Hua Tan Tang

Clear Dampness and Transform Phlegm Decoction

Source: Achieving Longevity by Guarding the Source (1615)
Author: Gong Ting-Xian

Category: Formulas that Dispel Phlegm

Pattern: Phlegm-Dampness in the Channels with joint dysfunction

Key Symptoms: Generalised joint and body aches, tightness in the chest and back, numbness in the limbs, and ice-cold sensation in the middle and upper back

Pulse: Submerged and slippery

Zhi Ban Xia 4g
Fu Ling 4g
Cang Zhu 4g
Zhi Tian Nan Xing 3g
Huang Qin 3g
Chen Pi 2.5-3g
Qiang Huo 1.5g
Bai Jie Zi 1.5g
Bai Zhi 1.5g
Gan Cao 1-1.5g
Sheng Jiang 1-3g
Gan Jiang 1g

Preparation: Decoction. Dosages are based on Japanese sources and may be increased if appropriate.

Actions: Clears Phlegm-Dampness from the Channels

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