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Qing Wei Tang

Clear the Stomach Decoction

Source: Golden Mirror of the Medical Tradition (1742)
Author: Wu Qian / Liu-Ji

Category: Formulas that Clear Heat

Pattern: Vigorous Stomach Fire

Key Symptoms: Bleeding gums and bad breath

Shi Gao 12g
Huang Qin 3g
Sheng Di Huang 3g
Huan Lian 3g
Sheng Ma 3g
Mu Dan Pi 4.5g

In the UK Shi Gao must be replaced. It is difficult to imagine a herbs with the same antacid properties to a mineral. Zhi Mu could help but referral to a pharmacy may be necessary if acidity is a significant aspect of the presentation.

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Clears Fire from the Stomach and cools the Blood

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