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Qiong Yu Gao

Precious Jade Syrup

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Source: Hong's Collection of Experiential Formulas (1107)

Category: Formulas that Tonify Yin

Pattern: Chronic Consumptive Disorder exhausting the Yin of the Lungs and Kidneys

Key Symptoms: Dry cough with little sputum accompanied by dry throat or spitting of blood, muscle wasting, shortness of breath and weakness

Tongue: Red with litle coating
Pulse: Thin and rapid

Ren Shen 750g (Source text requests Korean ginseng)
Sheng Di Huang 8kg
Fu Ling 1.5kg
Bai Mi 5kg (good quality honey)

Preparation: Syrup. The modern method is to boil the herbs in water three time, first for 4 hours, then for 3 hours and finally for 2 hours. The strained liquid is then mixed together and allowed to settle. The clear liquid at the top is filtered off while the denser liquid at the bottom is mixed with the the honey by warming it over a low flame. The liquid is then filtered once more to remove any froth before allowing to cool down. Recommended dosage in 9-15g twice per day to be taken with warm water.

Actions: Enriches the Yin, moistens the Lungs, augments the Qi, tonifies the Spleen

Contraindications: Clear signs of deficiency in the Middle Jiao. It should be used long term and not for acute external patterns. If one develops while using the formula it should be discontinued until the pathogen has been cleared.

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