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Ba Wei Di Huang Wan

(Eight Ingredient Pill with Rehmannia)

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Source: Fu Qing-Zhu's Women's Disorders (1826)
Author: Fu Qing-Zhu

Category: Formulas that Tonify Yin

Pattern: Excessive postpartum sweating from Yin deficiency

Key Symptoms: Postpartum continuous sweating from deficiency

Shu Di Huang 24g
Shan Zhu Yu 24g
Shan Yao 24g
Mu Dan Pi 24g
Fu Ling 23g
Ze Xie 15g
Wu Wei Zi 15g
Zhi Huang Qi 30g

Preparation: Ground into powder and formed into pills with honey to take before bedtime.

Actions: Tonifies the Yin, nourishes the Blood, stops excessive sweating

There are many formulas with this name and in Japan it refers to Shen Qi Wan.

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