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Ban Xia Ren Shen Jiu

(Pinellia and Ginseng Wine)

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Source: Chinese Medicinal Wine and Elixirs (2008)
Author: Flaws, Bob (Flaws gives several sources at the beginning of his book but not for each formula making the original author difficult to credit)

Category: Formulas that Harmonise

Pattern: Spleen and Stomach deficiency Cold with Damp-Heat obstructing the middle Jiao

Key Symptoms: Epigastric focal distention, fullness and tightness with little or no pain, nausea and vomiting, tendency to diarrhoea
Secondary Symptoms: Reduced appetite, dry heaves, belching or hiccup, borborygmus, mouth ulcers, fatigue, neck and shoulder stiffness, restlessness, insomnia

Tongue: Thin, yellow and greasy coating. May have red tip.
Pulse: Wiry, rapid
Abdomen: Hardness and tension in the epigastrium, tension in rectus abdominis muscle, elastic tension and tenderness on pressure around Ren-12, splashing sounds in upper abdomen

Zhi Ban Xia 30g
Gan Jiang 20g
Huang Qin 30g
Huang Lian 6g
Ren Shen 20g
Zhi Gan Cao 20g
Da Zao 10g

Preparation: Grind the above ingredients into a powder and place in a large jar with 975ml of alcohol (traditionally rice wine but any 40% spirit will suffice). After 5 days add 650ml of water and stir. Remove the dregs and store for future use.
Take 20ml twice daily.

Actions: Harmonises the Stomach, directs rebellious Qi downward, disperses clumping, eliminates focal distention

Contraindications: Focal distention due to Qi stagnation or harboured food

This is a variation of Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang distilled in alcohol.

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