Herb Formulas Notebook

Dang Gu Liu Huang Tang

(Tangkuei and Six-Yellow Decoction)

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Source: Secrets from the Orchid Chamber (1336)
Author: Li Gao (Dong-Yuan)

Category: Formulas that Clear Heat

Pattern: Raging Fire in the Interior with deficiency of Blood and Yin

Key Symptoms: Fever, night sweats, red face, dry mouth and parched lips, irritability, dry stools, dark and scanty urine

Tongue: Red and dry
Pulse: Rapid

Dang Gui 6-9g
Sheng Di Huang 9-15g
Shu Di Huang 9-15g
Huang Lian 3-6g
Huang Qin 6-12g
Huang Bai 6-12g
Huang Qi 12-24g

Preparation: Originally equal amount of all ingredients except a double amount of Huang Qi were ground into a powder and taken in 15g drafts before meals. More commonly prepared as a decoction with the dosages given at present.

Actions: Enriches the Yin, drain Fire, stabilises the Exterior, stops sweating

Contraindications: Caution in Spleen and Stomach deficiency

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