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Er Long Zuo Ci Wan

(Pill for Deafness that is Kind to the Left (Kidney))

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Source: Discussion of Warm Epidemics (1642)
Author: Wu You-Xing (You-Ke)

Category: Formulas that Tonify Yin

Pattern: Kidney Yin deficiency affecting the ears

Key Symptoms: Continuous cicada-like tinnitus that is worse at night, hearing loss, irritability, insomnia, vertigo with blurry vision
Secondary Symptoms: Soreness and weakness in the lower back and knees, hot palms and soles, difficulty concentrating, chronic dry and sore throat, toothache, spontaneous or nocturnal emissions, night sweats, nocturea, difficult or excessive urination, hard stools, reduced menstrual flow, loss of libido, impotence, premature ejaculation

Pulse: Thin and frail or thin and rapid
Abdomen: Hypertonicity of rectus abdominis muscle below the umbilicus together with weakness or numbness of the centre of the lower abdomen, pencil-line tightness of linea alba below umbilicus, palpable pulsations between umbilicus and pubic bone

Shu Di Huang 24g
Shan Zhu Yu 12g
Shan Yao 12g
Fu Ling 9g
Mu Dan Pi 9g
Ze Xie 9g
Ci Shi 15-30g
Shi Chang Pu 3-9g
Wu Wei Zi 3-6g

In the UK Ci Shi has to be substituted with Gong Lao Ye and Hu Po.

Preparation: Originally ground into powder and formed into small pills with 9g taken three times daily. Can also be prepared as a decoction.

Actions: Enriches Yin, nourishes the Kidneys

Contraindications: Spleen deficiency with white greasy tongue coating indicating difficulty digesting rich, cloying herbs, Heat patterns due to External pathogens

Widely used for age-related hearing loss.

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