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Ren Shen Xie Xin Tang

Ginseng Decoction to Drain the Epigastrium

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Source: Systematic Differentiation of Warm Pathogen Diseases (1798)
Author: Wu Tang / Ju-Tong

Category: Formulas that Harmonise

Pattern: Damp-Heat in the Upper Jiao that sinks into the Interior due to Deficiency

Key Symptoms: Veiling of consciousness

Tongue: Slippery coating
Pulse: Relaxed

Ren Shen 6g
Gan Jiang 6g
Bai Shao 6g
Huang Lian 4.5g
Huang Qin 4.5g
Zhi Shi 3g

Preparation: Decoction. Originally decocted in 5 cups of water until 3 remain, then strained and taken in 2 doses. The dregs are then decocted again in 1 cup of water.

Actions: Unblocks the Qi dynamic with acrid herbs, directs downward with bitter herbs, protects the Yin and assist the Yang

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