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Run Zao Shen Shi Tang

Moisten Dryness and Leech Out Dampness Decoction

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Source: Bases of Medicine (1861)
Author: Shi Shou-Tang

Category: Formulas that Treat Dryness

Pattern: Cool-Wind-Dryness fettering the Exterior and constraining Damp-Heat in the Interior which veils the sensory orifices clouding the Shen

Key Symptoms: Disorientation and clouding of consciousness, coughing of phlegm that is difficult to expectorate, Heat in the interior, irritability, incomplete bowel movements, dark urine that is reduced in volume

Tongue: Mixed white and yellow coating that seems to be moist but is dry when scraped
Pulse: "Checked and indistinct" on the right proximal position and submerged, wiry and rapid on the left

Chen Pi 3g
Bai Jie Zi 1.5g
Shi Chang Pu 3g
Yi Yi Ren 9g
Niu Bang Zi 4.5g
Bai Zhi 3g
Lian Qiao 2.4g
Hua Shi 16g

In the UK Hua Shi must be substituted with Chi Fu Ling and Ze Xie.

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Aromatically transforms and causes Dampness to flow away and moistens Dryness.

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