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Herb Formulas Notebook

Shen Xiao Tai Yi Gao

(Wonderously Effective Tai Yi Ointment)

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Source: Categorised Essentials of Repairing the Body (1548)
Author: Xue Ji

Category: Formulas that are Applied Externally

Pattern: Toxic Heat from Blood stasis caused by abscesses or wounds

Key Symptoms: Abscesses, eruptions on the back and wounds from caning, especially if festering.

Xuan Shen 37.5g
Bai Zhi 37.5g
Dang Gui 37.5g
Rou Gui 37.5g
Chi Shao 37.5g
Da Huang 37.5g
Sheng Di Huang 37.5g
Huang Dan 750g
Ma You 1kg

Huang Dan is no longer used because of toxicity, even in external use. The ointment should be thickened with approx 200g beeswax.

Preparation: Place the herbs and the sesame oil in a copper wok and boil until the herbs turn black. Filter to remove the dregs and slowly add the thickening agent. Drip some into water and rub between the fingers until the correct degree of hardness has been obtained.

Actions: Clears Heat and cools the Blood, invigorates the Blood

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