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Sheng Yang San Huo Tang

Raise the Yang and Disperse Fire Decoction

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Source: Clarifying Doubts About Damage from Internal and External Causes (1247)
Author: Li Gao / Dong-Yuan

Category: Formulas that Tonify Qi

Pattern: Fire from Constraint in the Yang Warps, consuming the Qi and damages the fluids

Key Symptoms: Extremities that are subjectively and objectively hot with fatigue

Sheng Ma 15g
Ge Gen 15g
Du Huo 15g
Qiang Huo 15g
Bai Shao 15g
Ren Shen 15g
Fang Feng 7.5g
Chai Hu 24g
Gan Cao 6g
Zhi Gan Cao 9g

Preparation: Grind into a course powder the size of a hemp seed and take 15g as a draft, cooking 2 cups of water to one 1 of strained liquid and take warm.

Actions: Raises the Yang and disperses Fire, benefits the Qi and preserves Yin

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