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Shi Gao Tang

Gypsum Decoction

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Source: Arcane Essentials from the Imperial Library (752)
Author: Wang Tao

Category: Formulas that Release Exterior-Interior Excess

Pattern: Cold Damage where Heat blazes in the Interior while the Exterior condition still lingers

Key Symptoms: Strong fever and chills without sweating, headache, a generalised sensation of heaviness and tightness, red face and eyes, dry nasal passages, thirst, irritability and insomnia (leading in severe cases to delirium)
Secondary Symptoms: Nosebleeds, coughing up blood, skin blotches

Pulse: Rapid and slippery or rapid and flooding

Shi Gao 6g
Ma Huang 9g
Dan Dou Chi 9g
Huang Lian 6g
Huang Qin 6g
Huang Bai 6g
Zhi Zi 6-9g

Shi Gao is usually increased to 15-30g in modern prescriptions. In the UK this must be substituted, possibly with an equivalent dose of Zhi Mu.

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Clears Heat, resolves Toxicity, releases the Exterior.

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