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Shi Hui San

Ten Partially Charred Substances Powder

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Source: Miraculous Book of Ten Remedies for Consumption (1348)

Category: Formulas that Regulate Blood

Pattern: Liver Fire blazing in the Middle and Upper Jiao injuring the Blood Vessels.

Key Symptoms: Nosebleed or vomiting, spitting or coughing up of bright red blood, usually acute with sudden onset.

Tongue: Red
Pulse: Rapid

Da Ji 9g
Xiao Ji 15g
He Ye 9g
Ce Bai Ye 9g
Bai Mao Gen 30g
Qian Cao Gen 12g
Zhi Zi 12g
Da Huang 9g
Mu Dan Pi 9g
Zong Lu Pi 6g

Preparation: Partially char equal amounts of the herbs (preferably in a vacuum to preserve their properties) and grind into a fine powder. Take 9-15g mixed with prepared Chinese ink that is ground with lotus juice or Daikon juice instead of water, to be taken after meals. May also be prepared as a decoction with the dosages above.

Actions: Cools the Blood, stops bleeding, clears Heat and drains Fire

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