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Shi Quan Yu Zhen Tang

All-Inclusive Decoction for Fostering the True

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Source: Essays on Medicine Esteeming the Chinese and Respecting the Western (1918-1934)
Author: Zang Xi-Chun

Category: Formulas that Regulate Blood

Pattern: Deficiency Consumption associated with Yin Deficiency and Blood Stasis

Key Symptoms: Rough, dry and scaly skin, emaciation and inability to maintain one's strength by eating
Secondary Symptoms: Sweating on exertion, coughing, panting, inappropriate chills and fever, many confused dreams and seminal emissions

Pulse: Wiry, rapid, fine and minute

Ren Shen 12g
Sheng Di Huang 12g
Shan Yao 12g
Zhi Mu 12g
Xuan Shen 12g
Long Gu 12g
Mu Li 12g
Dan Shen 6g
E Zhu 4.5g
San Leng 4.5g

In the UK Long Gu and Mu Li must be substituted. Only Hu Po could replace the heaviness of these medicinals and would add to the the Blood stasis resolving properties of the other herbs. Otherwise increasing Xuan Shen and adding Bai Shao and Wu Wei Zi are the usual substitutions.

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Tonifies the Yin and Qi, breaks up Blood Stasis

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