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Herb Formulas Notebook

Shui Lu Er Xian Dan

(Water and Earth Immortals Special Pill)

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Source: Materia Medica Arranged According to Pattern (1108)

Category: Formulas that Stabilise and Bind

Pattern: Yang deficiency

Key Symptoms: White, cloudy spermatorrhoea or leukorrhea

Qian Shi
Jin Ying Zi

Preparation: Grind equal amounts of the ingredients into a powder and form into pills with honey. Take 9-15g before meals with either salted water or warm wine. May also be prepared as a decoction or is more commonly added to other formulas that treat the root.

Actions: Tonifies the Kidneys and binds up the Jing

Contraindications: Since it focuses almost entirely on the manifestation it should not be taken on its own for a long time without addressing the root cause.

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