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Long Gu Qing Hun San

(Dragon Tooth Powder to Clear the Ethereal Soul)

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Source: Comprehensive Medicine According to Master Zhang (1695)

Category: Formulas that Calm the Spirit

Pattern: Heart Qi deficiency with Blood stasis and Cold in the Lower Jiao.

Key Symptoms: Palpitations, restlessness, laughing and crying uncontrollably, a lustreless complexion

Tongue: Dark body
Pulse: Deficient and rough

Long Chi 15g
Fu Shen 10g
Yuan Zhi 15g
Ren Shen 15g
Dang Gui 15g
Mai Men Dong 10g
Rou Gui 10g
Zhi Gan Cao 10g
Yan Hu Suo 30g
Xi Xin 5g

In the UK some of the ingredients must be substituted. Some suggestions are:
Long Chi == Hu Po + Gou Teng
Xi Xin == Gui Zhi + Qiang Huo

Preparation: Ground into a fine powder with 10-15g taken twice daily with a decoction of Sheng Jiang and Da Zao.

Actions: Tonifies the Heart, calms the Shen, invigorates the Blood, moves stasis.

Commonly seen in women following birth when Qi and Blood are deficient and Cold may invade the Lower Jiao.

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