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Herb Formulas Notebook

Tao Hong Si Wu Tang

(Four Substance Decoction with Peach Pit and Safflower)

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Source: Supreme Commanders of the Medical Ramparts (1291)

Category: Formulas that Tonify Blood

Pattern: Blood deficiency and stagnation in menstrual disorders

Key Symptoms: Shortened menstrual cycle with copious bleeding of dark purple, sticky blood, with or without clots and abdominal pain.

Tao Ren 6-9g
Hong Hua 6-9g
Sheng Di Huang 9-12g
Chi Shao 9-12g
Dang Gui 9-12g
Chuan Xiong 3-6g

Preparation: Deccotion.

Actions: Invigorates and nourishes the Blood, regulates the Liver

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