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Tong Sai Pian

Unblock Obstruction Pill

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Source: Journal of the Nanking College of Chinese Medicine (1984)

Category: Formulas that Treat Abscesses and Sores

Pattern: Toxic Heat from Blood stasis with Qi and Yin deficiency of the Kidneys, Heart, Spleen and Chong Mai.

Key Symptoms: Modern formula developed for thromboangitis obliterans, arterial obstruction and microvascular pathologies in the course of diabetes mellitus, myocardian infarctions and similar disorders.

Huang Qi 15g
Dang Shen 12g
Dang Gui 12g
Shi Hu 12g
Xuan Shen 18g
Jin Yin Hua 18g
Niu Xi 12g
Gan Cao 12g

Preparation: Grind into a powder and make into tablets. Take 8-12g twice per day.

Actions: Clears Heat, resolves Toxicity, tonifies the Qi, nourishes the Yin, invigorates the Blood, transforms stasis

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