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Wu Zhi Yin

(Five Juice Drink)

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Source: Systematic Differentiation of Warm Pathogen Diseases (1798)
Author: Wu Tang (Ju-Tong)

Category: Formulas that Treat Dryness

Pattern: Damage to Lung and Stomach fluids by severe External Heat from a Warm Pathogen Disease

Key Symptoms: Thirst, spitting of white frothy and sticky saliva, general feeling of malaise

Xue Li Zhi
Bi Qi Zhi
Lu Gen Zhi
Mai Men Dong Zhi
Ou Zhi

Since this formula requires the use of fresh juices it is very difficult to obtain any of the ingredients in the UK and this formula is normally substituted with isotonic drinks, soups made from edible fungi such as wood ears, or the juices of fruits and vegetables like radish, orange and grapefruit.

Preparation: Equal amounts of each juice taken cold, or warmed up if the patient is averse to cold drinks.

Actions: Generates fluids and moistens dryness.

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