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Yu Gong San

(Yu's Achievement Powder)

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Source: Confucians' Duties to their Parents (1228)

Category: Formulas that Drain Downward

Pattern: Yang oedema from invasion of water-Dampness

Key Symptoms: Generalised floating oedema, abdominal distention, wheezing and fullness, constipation, urinary difficulty
Secondary Symptoms: Swelling and distention of the scrotum accompanied by a sensation of heaviness and pain, dampness, sweating, reduced urination

Pulse: Submerged and forceful
Abdomen: Distended

Qian Niu Zi 120g
Chao Hui Xiang 30g

Preparation: Ground into fine powder taken in 3g doses mixed with fresh ginger juice or water, two to three times per day.

Actions: Expels water, unblocks the bowels, moves the Qi, reduces oedema

Contraindications: Caution in pregnancy, elderly or debilitated patients

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