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Zhu Yang Jiu

(Invigorate Yang Wine)

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Source: Chinese Medicinal Wines and Elixirs (2008)
Author: Various

Category: Formulas that Tonify Yang

Pattern: Kidney Yang deficiency

Key Symptoms: Impotence

Dang Shen 15g
Shu Di Huang 15g
Gou Qi Zi 15g
Sha Yuan Zi 10g
Yin Yang Huo 10g
Ding Xiang 10g
Yuan Zhi 4g
Chen Xiang 4g
Li Zhi He 7pc
Bai Jiu 1.3L

Bai Jiu (white alcohol) traditionally means rice wine but can be substituted with any other high strength spirit.
Chen Xiang is usually substituted due to expense. The typical substitution in Hou Po and Bu Gu Zhi.

Preparation: Place the herbs into a large jar with 1.3L of alcohol for 3 days, after which pour in 60ml of boiling water and cold water to remove fire toxins and allow to tincture for 3 more days. Open, remove the dregs and store for use. Take 1-2 small teacups each morning and evening.

Actions: Supplements the Kidneys and Strengthens Yang

Contraindications: Damp-Heat conditions, pregnancy and long term in the young and middle aged use due to the harmful effects on continuous alcohol consumption.

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